Lothians Commercial and Editorial Photographer

The power of good photography

I believe that photography has a role to play in any business, and good photography can help your business stand out.

Appearance is everything - whatever people are buying, the decision process starts with how something looks and what we see. On a web site, the quickest and easiest way to get your initial message across is with good photographs.

In an age where everyone has access to a camera and where everyone can call themselves a photographer, it’s critical to realise the importance and power of good photography, taken by someone who knows how to work with a client to communicate the brand and the message.

Nothing is better at grabbing attention and getting your message and brand across than a good photograph.

I am based in Dunbar, near Edinburgh, Scotland, but work anywhere that I am needed. (There are examples on my Portfolio page from my work in
Marrakech and Paris)

I like to call myself a creative visual problem solver: I solve my clients problems on how to visually communicate with
their clients, to increase brand awareness and engagement.

This can take many forms (please click on
the portfolio link above to see recent case studies.) I might take an idea suggested by one of my clients, and suggest a way to make it even better. Or a client may not have an idea, but just know that the photos on their web site (for instance) need to be changed and improved, to give some feeling, emotion or atmosphere to their business.

My photographs are neither staged nor fussy, but they show the true story and atmosphere of the subject in an honest manner. I work in an unobtrusive way, although often some gentle direction and prompting can produce outstanding, but natural, photographs.

My work is published on my clients' web sites, their Facebook pages, their Instagram feed, their marketing material and in newspapers and magazines.

My long experience, both behind the camera and working as a picture editor for newspapers and magazines, means I know what people want to see, and what is likely to be published.

I worked as a
freelance photographer on Fleet Street for over 10 years. I have had photographs published by newspapers and magazines all over the world.

From 1993 I was a travel photo-journalist, specialising in coming up with story and feature ideas and selling them to newspapers and magazines. I travelled extensively over this period, and have visited all seven continents.

After moving to Scotland in 2000 I worked as a Picture Editor at Metro, the Scottish Mail on Sunday and The Scotsman.

In 2003 I decided to mostly leave the editorial world behind me and concentrate on commercial and wedding photography, using the same editorial and photographic expertise, combined with my long experience, to tell the stories of my business clients or of couples getting married, and I have been fortunate to
win a few awards over the years.

You can call me on 01368 860761 or 07860 309161 if you’d like a chat about your photography needs.